Sunday, October 08, 2006

Edge of Reason!

I know i have not blogged for a looong time. I am perhaps quite content reading blogs these days. There have been a lot of times when i was motivated to write something, like when i saw Renee Zelleweger in Bridget Jones Diary talking to a bunch of women in a jail in Thailand. She considers a misunderstanding with her boyfriend as an unimaginable tribulation. But when she gets to to talk to her jail-inmates about her bitter experience with her boyfriend they tell her how their respective boyfriend's drug them, beat, molest and make them slog so that they sit tight. She then realises how insignificant her woes are.

Perhaps each one of us think that what we are going through is the largest trial any one can be put to. But making things work when one thinks they will never, differentiates winners from losers.

Though i know i am writing this blog for myself, i did not try to offer the miniscule audience who at times read this blog anything but about myself. Perhaps though i felt like sharing something that i thought is pertinent i never did, due to my laziness. If i only i could achieve a fraction of what the following blog achieved, i will be extremely grateful to myself!

Enter hawkeyeview

A pertinent motivator:
Nothing in life comes easy