Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Life is Beautiful...

Following is a post i retrieved from IMDB about Life is Beautiful (Its quite sweet a movie). A racist claiming that he isnt...:)
This came as no surprise to me for there are these kinds of people that exist in every corner of the world accepting racism/prejudices from their ancestors as a heirloom and as legacy and are even quite proud of it.

"Do being proud of my heritage and ancestors makes me a racist? I take it that you too, are proud of your heritage are you not? Every culture has attrocious acts and blood in their past, mine does as does yours. If that makes me a racist then I am glad to be one. The ammount of control Germany had over the jews during WW2 reflects the jew's inability to defend themselves, their inferiority, as it may be. This movie depicts Nazi's as bumbling idiots, which I find offensive and innacurate. Oh but of course, It isn't PC to be proud of your race if you are white. So I don't expect anyone here to understand or see the hipocracy behind the whole concept of "racism." The most "racist" people you will find are minorities, and yet they aren't labelled as such, as their beliefs are seen as pride and courage. While those of white descent are expected to bend over backwards to accomodate the shortfalls of minority groups, not to do so giving the person a label of "racist," merely because they are proud and feel devoted to furthering the advancement of their own race. I don't expect any of you jews to understand. You play for your team and I play for mine."

There is this dowry system pervading through a lot of communities in South India. I have some friends/aquantainces who speculate of how much they are worth..:) Its the same case here too, it has been a tradition descending down the chronology and is tastefully cherished. For, who doesnt love earning money for nothing? They argue that the bride's side is capable of giving the money and after all aren't they doing this for their own daughter? Quite charming is'nt it?
But what these guys dont realise is that, by design humans are prone to looking for the "sour" grapes. If "X" gets 20 Lakh Rupees as dowry for his son, Would'nt "Y" want to get the same?