Friday, August 26, 2005

Is India the fastest growing economy?

I have been wanting to do this for quite long. Got lucky only now. My office cab left and i am stuck in the office at the dead of the night, (well though its 10 P.M, since its Friday it damned well be dead of the night being at office.)

Human mind meanders and mine does it more. I am currently 'one of the thousands' of the I.T industry guys working in Bangalore. Working, sleeping, working, sleeping, this is the cliched infinite loop of typical I.T guy's life. As of now mine is nothing more. But i want to come out of the cocoon, do other things too.....One of the many is outlined below...

India is a country that is being most talked out these days, Indian Economy the fastest growing, Indian engineers the brightest of the bay area. But this is not in anyway helping the kid who sits infront of Forum with an year old sibling, the old woman infront of Cafe-Coffee day waiting for a rupee to come in her way, the kid that begs everyday at the signal at St. John's circle.

I want to help them with more than giving few coins. Want to start doing something in my own way tommorrow (Have been postponing this due to my lazy friend since two weeks.) Only my next blog will tell whether i have been successful in my efforts.