Monday, November 07, 2005

Of Rotten Luck, Deluge and Catastrophies

It all started on the evening of 28th October....I was starting for home from Bangalore for Diwali. At the nick of the moment i checked-in my code and ran down to collect money from the ATM.
I had a foreboding that it wud'nt work and how true, it did'nt. I ran up and borrowed some money from my colleagues and caught an Auto.
Coastal South India was under the spell of a deluge. Incessant rains brought normal life to a stand still. Chennai was submerged. Bangalore had its share of disaster too. I boarded my train which thankfully started on time.
Coming home i came to know of a disaster that befell on a train carrying hundreds of passengers from Repalla.
Due to the negligence of the track sureveying personnel the train tread onto a non-existent track over a bridge (the track was washed away by the furious waves) and hundreds of lives were sacrificed to mother nature's fury.
At times like this i reckon how insignificant a human is infront of the mystified forces of the universe and nature...