Thursday, February 23, 2006

Long Overdue

This is long overdue. It was a long hiatus, not consiously planned though.
I have been reading a lot of blogs of-late. Some with a poweful aura and many not worth a look. I am not sure which of these categories my blog comes under. I will update the links of the blogs i read once i figure how could that arcane task be accomplished :)

One of them i read was all about book reviews and considering my love for anything written i fell for it instantly. Perhaps i too should start posting reviews of the books i read. As a prologue let me introduce the books that spent time with me for the past few months

a) Lord of the Rings (Awesome, Needs oodles of patience but worth the read. Drafted by Tolkein with such meticulousness that you wonder if its possible for hinself to do it again. He crafted maps, invented languages of scores of mythical races)

b) One Night At a Call Center (Average, dint like the climax. Though Chetan Bhagat has got miles to go to become a "respectable" writer. His sense of humor and a very simlistic style of writing (exploiting the typical youth's adolscent craving) is laudable and makes you believe he holds promise.)

c) Pickwick Papers (A young Charles Dicken's first work. Fun, fun and fun. Strikingly Wodehousian. Considering that i am reading this after his "Tale of Two Cities" though i am no one to judge the prodigy, he sure is one heck of a versatile writer.)