Monday, July 03, 2006

Will i ever hear those bells chime?

Dearest Blog,

I am sorry for not updating you for long. I have not even told you a fraction of my travelogue. I was swamped with work and other commitments.

1. I promise you that i will complete the travelogue in about two weeks time.
2. I promise to be more open (concrete to myself) about my future aspirations.
3. I promise to leave some time for you (consequently to myself and my reflections)and keep you posted of my ideas and observations.
4. I want to tell you that in about four to five years time i want to be an MBA and you are going to be the witness to this journey i am planning to embark on!

This title may seem odd to you. I am referring to those bells on the top of the Hoover tower in Stanford that ring for the graduating Class of MBA students. I wish i could hear them for once and i swear i will never ask for anything else :)
I will write to you more about that at a later point.

I am feeling a bit down as two of my very good friends and colleagues are leaving our team for greener pastures. Wishing both of them all the very best with their respective careers.

I have been also reading this moving tale of a 15 year old German Jew who stayed with her family in hiding for about two years in a warehouse at Amsterdam during 1942 to 1945, a period in the decade of history that wiped out six million jews, a blot on Germany that the world can never forget, a period of wild madness that defied basic humane feelings of pity and compassion.Her innocence and intelligence mesemerises the reader and places before the reader the mindset of an adolscent female, the idiosyncracies and insecurities as she matures into a female albeit living in a confinement during the darkest periods of Human history. Its called "The Diary of a Young Girl" and the girl's name is Anne Frank.

I also read this wonderful book called "Snapshots from Hell" by Peter Robinson.
I cannot describe how hilarious and fun the book was. Its about a year in the life of a speech writer to the United States President, Ronald Reagen who forsaked his job at the Oval office to join Stanford as an MBA student.
He being a poet (Not an engineer/consultant who plays with numbers but someone who
plays with words) found it extremely difficult to get acclimatized to the Stanford way of life and wrote this book as a token of decency of a person who found the last peaceful bend of a river to plant this sign board "Be wary, waterfall ahead".

More to come..


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